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Human Rights Commission releases guidance for businesses

23 March 2015

Woman writing in a notepad during a business meeting

The Australian Human Rights Commission has moved to encourage the private sector to better integrate disability rights, among a host of other human rights, into their business processes.

New disability reportable incidents scheme in NSW

20 March 2015

Beginning on 3 December 2014, the Department of Family and Community Services NSW and funded disability services are now required to report allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with a disability living in supported group accommodation to the Ombudsman, as part of critical reforms under the new Disability Inclusion Act.

Reporting of Abuse and Neglect in Disability Services - Interactive Discussion held on 5 March 2015

19 March 2015

On Thursday 5 March, DIIP held an interactive discussion that dealt with the reporting of abuse and neglect in disability services, with three speakers, two representatives from the department and nearly 20 participants.

New Housing Concept Emerging for Those with Disabilities

20 March 2015

In Florida, United States, housing developments are breaking new ground in concepts of affordable homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

Disability advocates welcome inquiries into abuse but call for national investigation

20 March 2015

Craig Wallace, President of People with Disability Australia, has said that abuse of people with disabilities is widespread across Australia and the scale of the problem could be similar to that which led to a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.