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New in the Site

Are you a Social Enterprise?

27 July 2015

Social Traders and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne are currently seeking those involved in social enterprises to undertake a 30 minute online survey.

Budget money to help people with intellectual disability enter the workforce

14 July 2015

Included in the government’s latest budget is an initiative that has been warmly welcomed by disability services groups.

An allocation of $2.2 million has been made to streamline the assistance available to people with an intellectual disability to help them find jobs.

Disability Employment Package

14 July 2015

The latest Federal Budget has introduced several new measures aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for people with disability with a package worth $25 million over four years.

JobAccess Gateway will be a new online service centre for people with a disability and for potential employers. Described as a virtual disability employment marketplace, the Gateway is intended to streamline employment services as well as offer a range of in-work supports for skills development.

The Bottom Line on Disability Spending

14 July 2015

The Federal Government’s latest budget will see real spending by the Department of Social Services grow by 12.4 per cent over the next four years. This will give the Department a $186 billion portfolio and account for 35.4 per cent of all government spending.

NT Unhappy with NDIS

14 July 2015

Man walking next to another in a mobility scooter along a dusty Outback road

The Northern Territories could pull out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if the way the scheme is delivered is not redesigned, according to NT Chief Minister Adam Giles.

John Elferink, NT Disability Services Minister, said the NDIS needs to change to work in the Northern Territory, because the remote nature of the area made delivering disability services difficult.