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The Challenge of Technology for NFPs

17 April 2015

Not-for-profits typically struggle to walk the tightrope between investment in front-end services and long-term strategic planning. Yet, investment in the right technology can aid frontline delivery through infrastructure building, IT planning and improved use of websites and social media.

Young Carers Given Funding Boost

17 April 2015

The Federal Government has announced that 150 more young carers are to receive educational bursaries this year.

On completing the final leg of the Carers Australia Polly Pedal fundraising cycling event, Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed that, in addition to 150 previously announced bursaries, a further 150 young carers would now benefit from scholarship funding at a value of $450,000.

An Expert’s View on Beating the Employment Odds

17 April 2015

Jobs reports in the US confirm that Americans with disabilities are far more likely to be unemployed than their non-disabled peers.

Doreen Rosimos is an employment expert who helps people start their own micro-enterprises.

Rural and Remote Disability Employment Assistance Study

17 April 2015

In this study, conducted for the Australian government, researchers sought to provide models to improve funding and outcomes for disability employment assistance service provision in rural and remote locations.

Australian Disability Enterprises Excellence Award 2015

7 April 2015

Nominations are open for this year’s Australian Disability Enterprises Excellence Award.

The Award is intended to recognise, encourage and promote the contribution Disability Enterprises make in improving the lives of people with disability, as well as recognising their focus as viable businesses providing quality employment to people with disability.